CBD Oil for Cats

Most, if not all, mammals have been found to be equipped with an endocannabinoid system. This system plays a major role in helping them maintain a sense of balance and physical health. CBD products for dogs have become quite popular in recent years, but we have realized that many cat parents do not have the same range of products that are currently available for dogs, which seems to commonly be the case.  Lifelong Hemp loves kitties, so we have attempted to even the playing field by offering a number of CBD oil related products made specifically for cats.

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Will CBD oil for Cats make my cat high?

Absolutely not. While any product containing CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana strains of Cannabis; CBD cannot cause psychoactive effects in your cat. CBD allows both humans and animals to get medicinal benefits from the cannabis plant without causing psychoactive effects in the brain. CBD that’s been sourced from marijuana may have some THC, so make sure that you buy your CBD oil from a credible manufacturer. Lifelong Hemp strictly uses CBD from locally grown hemp-plants so you can be sure that our CBD oil for cats will not make your cat high. I’ll break it down for you some more. Being high is a common term used to describe the psychoactive effect that THC; one of the cannabinoids in Marijuana has when it travels to the brain. CBD on the other hand has no psychoactive effect and therefore cannot cause a “high” in either human beings or animals.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Like you, your cat’s brain has specific neurons called cannabinoid receptors. This simply means that your cat has the same ability to enjoy many of the benefits of CBD that human beings enjoy. CBD oil for cats is one of the products designed specifically to ensure that CBD can safely be used to calm anxiety in cats and ease chronic pain.

While no specific studies on the benefits of CBD for Cats have been conclusively done; it is only logical that if CBD oil can work in human beings, it can also work in cats in the same way. Some of the benefits of CBD oil for cats may include; helping calm cats with aggression, anxiety and behavioral issues such as peeing. It may help with other issues such as inhibiting cancer, seizures, kidney disease, anemic and asthmatic illnesses as well as skin conditions.

Best CBD Oil for Cats Dosage

Honestly, the best CBD oil dosage for your cat will depend on what your cat needs it for. It is often best practice to start with small doses of CBD oil for cats because the cat needs to slowly get used to the new chemical in its body. So give it time. As earlier stated; there is no specific dosage that is suitable for all cats.

More importantly; we recommend that you observe your cat and how it is reacting and adapting to each dose of CBD oil for cats. You can then decide to increase the dose if and when the cat needs in.  Below is a dose progression we recommend that cat owners use as a guide when administering CBD oil for cats.

Dosage Progression Chart

Week One: Begin with one drop of CBD oil for cats ONCE A DAY for one week. During this time; observe your cat’s responsiveness and if your cat responds well to it, continue with one drop per day.

Week Two: If after the initial one week you think your cat needs a higher dosage; up your dose to ONE DROP of CBD oil TWICE A DAY. Continue with two drops per day for one week and again; observe your cat’s response to the product for a week. If your cat is responding well; keep administering the same dose. Use your discretion.

Week Three: If after the second week you think your cat is still not responding effectively to the dosage given, you can increase the dosage to ONE DROP of CBD oil for Cats THREE TIMES A DAY. Needless to say, observe your cat’s response.

Note: Stick to ONE DROP of CBD oil at any one time and only increase the frequency of administration when necessary. Keep observing your cat’s adaptability and response to the CBD oil for cats and only increase the dose IF NECESSARY. Continue with the progression as required.

Best CBD Oil for Cats with Anxiety

Like humans, cats can be stressed and anxious. There can be many stress factors in a cat’s environment that could trigger a cat’s anxiety levels and this will usually lead to behavioral changes in the cat. Anxiety in cats may start within the first month of life and usually gets worse over time. Some of the triggers include; separation anxiety, inadequate socialization, past traumatic experiences and even physical pain.

Some initial signs that your cat could be having anxiety issues include; increased heart rate, extreme vocalization, hiding , lack of eye contact, trembling, producing a lot of saliva, and damaging property, just to name a few.

Some studies show that CBD can be beneficial for human beings suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. No conclusive studies have been done on the benefits of CBD for cats. However; CBD may have the same calming effects on your cat because all animals have an endocannabinoid system.

You will need to shop carefully for the best CBD oil for cats with anxiety. Product labeling does help and usually; the best products will clearly indicate whether or not it’s free from pesticides, the amount and source of CBD used to manufacture the CBD oil. There should be test results available for review. Be sure that the product indicates CBD quantity levels.

Best CBD Oil for Cats with Cancer

There are four types of cancers that are quite common in cats. These include Feline leukemia, feline squamous cell carcinoma, feline lymphoma and mammary cancer in female cats. Feline Leukemia is highly transmissible and if your cat is diagnosed with this type of cancer; please separate it from other healthy cats. Cancer drastically affects a cat’s quality of life as the cat will usually experience pain.

CBD has been proven to be beneficial in mitigating pain, nausea and other negative effects in human beings suffering from cancer. A cat diagnosed with cancer may also benefit from the positive effects human beings people using CBD to mitigate pain do.

The best CBD oil for cats with cancer must indicate the quantity of CBD on the product. It is also important to know that FDA has not approved CBD products for animals.

Best CBD Oil for Cats with Aggression

Cats with aggression issues may have severe anxiety. If a cat exhibits scratching, biting or, yowling and growling behaviors; it may have anxiety. You can try our CBD oil for cats. It may help suppress your cat’s aggression behaviors.

Best CBD Oil for Cats with Seizures

Does your cat experience seizures? While seizures in dogs is quite common most probably due to negative effects of inbreeding in their genetic history; many people are unaware that cats do experience seizures. Most cat seizures are as a result of epilepsy, but could also point to other conditions such as liver or kidney illnesses, brain tumors etc.

If you see your cat convulsing, drooling, collapsing and being seemingly confused and showing signs of disconnection; it is experiencing a seizure. Sometimes the cat will vomit and whine when it senses a seizure attack.

Many pet owners have been trying CBD oil for their pets to help with certain health issues and more often than not, to help with seizures in their animals. CBD in humans has been proven to be beneficial mitigating some forms of epilepsy, like the Dravet syndrome; a form of epilepsy that currently has no known pharmaceutical treatment. CBD has anti-convulsing properties and might help alleviate your cat’s seizures. If your cat is experiencing frequent seizures; you can try our best CBD oil for cats with seizures.

Best CBD Oil for Cats with Peeing Issues

Did you know that cats can contract urinary tract diseases? If your cat whines when peeing; it may have a feline urinary tract infection. Female cats are particularly prone to feline urinary tract disease. While your first cause of action should be booking an appointment with the vet; it helps to know that the best CBD oil for cats may alleviate the pain. CBD is believed to contain strong antibacterial properties.

Best CBD Oil for Cats with Other Conditions

CBD oil for cats may also help alleviate pain in cats with other conditions such as arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), and any other feline conditions that cause cats to experience pain or discomfort.

If you notice that your cat has an issue, you should take the cat to a vet so that it can be properly diagnosed.  Once your vet gives you a diagnosis; you may try CBD oil to help ease pain and reduce negative behavioral issues your cat may be exhibiting.

CBD Cat Treats

What cat parent doesn’t enjoy snuggling their pet after a long day especially when they are just content to settle on your lap and purr? Those cuddling moments on the couch with our furry playful kitties are precious.  Of course, it is impossible to resist giving them cat treats here and there.

Cat CBD Treats

It Is important to make sure that your cat treats are as healthy as they are tasty. With CBD having been proven to have quite a lot of benefits for humans; our pets may also enjoy healthy beneficial CBD cat treats. Check out our CBD cat treat products and try some with your cat.

CBD Oil Cat Treats

CBD oil cat treats are all the rage right now. They are becoming increasingly popular among pet parents most probably owing to the emerging benefits of CBD on human beings.

Best CBD Oil Cat Treats

The best CBD oil cat treats are those whose product labels clearly indicates the amount of CBD oil in the treats. Make sure that the CBD oil cat treats you choose for your cat do not contain harmful metals and/ or pesticides.

CBD Cat Treats for Anxiety

Cat treats that have CBD as an ingredient may help you alleviate your cat’s anxiety. However, it is not easy to say just how much the cooking process changes the quality or potency of CBD in the CBD cat treats.

CBD Cat Treats for Pain

CBD is very popular for alleviating pain and inflammation and has been proven to be very beneficial for people dealing with chronic pain. Likewise, CBD cat treats can be beneficial in alleviating pain and inflammation in cats. CBD is also believed to have antibacterial properties.

Cat Treats with CBD

When choosing cat treats with CBD; make sure that you check the amount of CBD contained in the product. And if you are already using CBD oil on your cat; you may want to back down a bit on the cat treats, so that you don’t give your cat a higher dose of CBD than is recommended. You should monitor how your cat is responding to the cat treats and use your judgement.


Yes. Although subjective; testimonials from other pet owners suggest that CBD oil formulated for cats is safe. Obviously, the quality and safety of a particular CBD product will largely depend on the manufacturer of the product. It would be false to state that all CBD oil products available in the market are the same or safe for your cat.


Make sure that the CBD oil you are buying is safe by checking the quantity of CBD in the product and ensuring that it does not contain unsafe metals and pesticides.

The best CBD oil for cats is that which has been specially formulated for cats. Remember that while all animals have an endocannabinoid system; a cat’s digestive and metabolic system is different from a dog’s.


Do not substitute CBD products formulated for humans or for dogs and give it to your cat. While there is no proven negative consequence in doing this, we highly recommend that you stick to CBD oil that has been specifically made for cats.


CBD oil has proven benefits for human beings and over the years, it has risen in popularity for easing pain and inflammation in people suffering from various conditions. Many pet owners have been inspired by the effectiveness of CBD in alleviating many human conditions such as Dravet Syndrome. As a result, many pet owners have tried CBD oil for their pets.  CBD products for dogs are widely known.  CBD products are also becoming increasingly popular among cat owners.


CBD oil for cats may help with various conditions that cause pain or behavioral issues in cats. CBD oil may help calm cats with anxiety and aggression issues. CBD may also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, so you can try CBD oil if your cat is experiencing pain.

There are many companies selling CBD oil for cats. However, it would not be prudent to walk in to any shop selling CBD products and just picking any CBD oil for your cat. The main considerations you need to make are the price of the product, the ingredients of contained in the product and the product’s online reviews.


We recommend that you buy CBD oil or CBD cat treats for your pets from online stores rather than physical walk in shops. This is because; online sellers are more transparent and you can be able to compare prices and product reviews.


 However; do not base your purchasing decision on the price of a product alone. Often times, if a seller is selling a product at an unreasonably cheaper price as compared to the prices of other sellers of the same product; their product may be as cheap as the price.


Before committing to buying CBD oil for your cat or cats from a particular seller; be sure check the product quality. A product or manufacturer’s online reviews will certainly help give you an idea of how credible the manufacturer is.

Every cat is different and will react and adapt differently to CBD oil or any other product they are not familiar with. We recommend starting off with a little dose to ease the cat into it; then gradually increasing the dosage if needed. You as the cat owner will use your judgement to gauge whether or not to reduce, increase or stop the dosage depending on how the cat is reacting to it.


We recommend that you start by giving just a drop of CBD oil to your cat once per day initially for a at least a week. If you think the cat needs a higher dosage, you can increase the dosage to ONE Drop, TWICE a day and keep observing the cat for another week or so. If after the second week you think the cat could benefit from a higher dose of CBD oil for cats; you can increase the dosage to ONE drop THREE TIMES a day for another week. A drop of CBD oil is enough for a cat at any one time.

If the CBD treats are specifically formulated for cats; then they should be safe for your cat. However; not all cats are the same. Though highly unlikely, you should monitor your cat well to see if they show any negative effects when you give them CBD treats. And if your cat is very picky, they may or may not like the taste. Generally; testimonials from many cat owners who have tried giving CBD treats to their cats have positive reviews. Do not substitute CBD dog treats for your cat.

There is no standardized guide on how many CBD treats to give to pets. This sometimes makes it confusing for pet owners to know how much they should give to their pets. It is generally a bit easier to gauge the amount of CBD treats for cats compared to dogs. This is because cats don’t have huge weight and size variations. You can safely give between 0.25 mg and 0.5mg of CBD treats for every 1lb.  If you are already using giving CBD oil to your cat; you may want to be a bit more careful with the treats.  Like with any other treats, do not overdo it.


It is important to note that no CBD product has been approved by the FDA and that there is no conclusive study that has been done to prove the effectiveness of CBD products on animals.